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Anmi Penthouse



Photo Credits : Monika Sathe


We were extermely lucky to have been involved in this project since the very start. We were able to replan the interior spaces to our will before the builder handed over the flat. This liberty was really the foundation stone for a promising interior project for our office. 


The clients here shared our love for design, everything white, a lot of wood and brass. This is a unique project in a way that we were able to design and execute every single item that make interior spaces. We have literally bought nothing. Everything has been custom designed for the project, including all tables, chairs, fabrics, curtains, flooring inserts, of course all the wood as well as metal furniture. 


We are extrememly proud of this work ever since it got completed as it showcases an understated interior design which is hard to find and even harder to do. 

Terrace 03

Terrace 03

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