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Shubham Wedding Resort




A resort, on the outskirts of Jodhpur mainly meant for hosting destination weddings had to retain the essence of Jodhpur according to us. We were keen to have the local stone, jaali work in stone, courtyards, colonnades etc. 


The site is cut across by this dominating, yet very light and airy Jaali wall. The feature wall connects all different areas, like the Club House, Children’s zone, Resort, Hotel, Wedding Garden and the Business Center  


The Jaali work facade of the cottages is made not in a the traditional format of carving but is generated through interlocking stone slab, openings and solid infills with self shading as well as thick walls for thermal mass. 


The colonnade style building of the club house brings the essence of layering of spaces, creating semi-outdoor areas, intermediate transitions spaces between indoors and outdoors to prevent thermal shock. 


The Hotel facade is perceived as a series of packed jharokas. Instead of having a facade with jharokas here and there, the entire facade is treated like a jharoka that varies in depths and varies in the degree of openness in jaali work.


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