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Toddler's Den AIS


In Collaboration with : RGA.SPACE
Structural Consultants: Schafbock Design+ Workshop

Photo credits: Binoy Shah 


The Fluid form structure for Toddler's Den is meant as a workshop space for Toddlers. The objective is to have an organic growth that emerges and merges into the other part of the school, generating playfulness, stimulating interest and in turn drawing kids to the curves. It blurs the boundaries between building, structure, space and landscape through strategic use of form, light, space and material. The form is also conceived as a landscape for children to access it as a mound and play over it.  

The Structure is made of metal sections which we pre fabricated off site. Parametric modelling was used extensively to design the form and also solve the complexity of the fabrication process. The metal structural sections are enclosed with bent metal sheets. A layer of insulation and IPS is done over the metal sheet to reduce the heat gain and also allow human load and movement above the structure. The structural members on the inside are exposed to celebrate the form and structure. It gives a sense of the process the design and form has gone through.

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